Friday, August 28, 2009

There are so many people trying to enter Australia by boat. Persons also try to enter Italy by boat....!!!

Increase in illegal immigration cause of visa rejection for lankans -FM

By Dianne Silva

The reason for Sri Lankan visas to foreign countries being rejected is the increase in the number of illegal immigrants, the Foreign Ministry said. “The reason visas to other countries get rejected is the number of illegal immigrants traveling to those countries,” the ministry said yesterday.

The ministry explained that the number of people entering foreign countries illegally was proving a hindrance to those hoping to visit those countries legally. “There are so many people trying to enter Australia by boat. Persons also try to enter Italy by boat and various other means while others try to go there legally but they are both Sri Lankan and people don’t see the difference between them,” the minister said. “When these countries are unable to curb illegal entrants they try to stop those who come to their countries legally,” the Minister added.

Sri Lanka at the moment offers 91 countries visas on arrival, however the number that provides Lankan’s visas on arrival is much lower. The Minister explained that getting countries to allow for visa on arrival would require Sri Lanka to build confidence with these countries as a country that abides with immigration laws.

The Minister further stated that all reports that Attorney General Mohan Peries had difficulty in obtaining a visa to enter Britain were false. The Minister stated that he was unaware of reports that Defense spokesperson Kheliya Rabukwella too had been rejected a visa.

The Minister informed the media that new appointments would be made to the High Commissions in New Delhi, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and Bangladesh soon. Further appointments will also be made to New York and Geneva.

Foreign Minister Bogollagama stated that Romesh Jayasinghe would take up his duties as Foreign Secretary during the first week of September.

Cabinet approval received to open Eritrea HC
By Dianne Silva

Sri Lanka is taking steps to annihilate the global network of terror established by the LTTE, Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama said yesterday. “A terrorist organization is not just something that exists in one country, it has a hold all over the world and the LTTE operates through a global network,” he said.

With regard to a High Commission being established in Eritrea, where certain elements of the LTTE have allegedly shown their presence the minister said, “In October 2007 we began discussions with Eritrea and yesterday (Wednesday) cabinet approved the decision to open a permanent High Commission in that country.”

Speaking further Minister Bogollagama said elements of the LTTE needed to be removed and the government was working towards this with assistance from the International Community. “This is what we have been working towards internationally and we have already achieved this locally,” the Minister said.


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