Thursday, December 24, 2009


Train services: Announcements requested in all three languages

By Kusal Chamath

Foreign tourists and Tamil speaking people who travel by train on the coastal lines face many difficulties when announcements at the railway stations were made only in the Sinhala language. The passengers stressed the need to deliver announcements at all Railway Stations in all the three languages for the convenience of travellers from the North-East who visit the South as well as foreign tourists who are presently compelled to make constant inquiries from fellow passengers or from employees of the railways dept. A foreign tourist Peter Harvey, who boarded a wrong train and was stranded at Panadura, said that a man at the Aluthgama Railway Station misled him when he was waiting for the Galle train and that he boarded the Kandy train. He said he got down at Panadura when the fellow travelers told him that he was traveling in the wrong train. However, he excused the man who was not probably conversant in English.

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