Monday, October 11, 2010

SL: Japan visa information -1

Japan visa information -1
Visa Counter: 9:00-10:30 (Monday to Friday)

(to apply for Visa) 15:00-16:30 (Monday to Friday)

Consular Counter: 8:30 - 12:30 and 13:30 - 17:00 (for passports, other certificates etc.) Tel: 2693831 -3/Fax: 2674555 documents to be submitted when applying for temporary visitor Visa.

(With effect from 1st April 2010)

How to fill the visa application
a. The visa application form must be completed in full, leaving no details incomplete.

b. Details given therein must be true and correct.

c. The maximum period of stay in Japan for a short term visit is Ninety (90) Days.

d. Applicants should decide on the exact period of stay in Japan according to one's schedule, which may cover a maximum period of (90) days.

e. Visa applications should be typed or legibly hand written in (Block Letters).

f. Each applicant should fill a separate visa application, including child applicants.

Compulsory visa requirements
* Applicants visiting Japan for the first time should produce the original birth certificate with a photocopy and an affidavit declaring that they have not changed their original name.

* A letter from the Travel agent confirming the itenery (The Embassy does not assume responsibility as regards obtaining (Refund on Air Tickets).

* A photograph taken within the past six months. (Refer Application Form for specifications on Photo).

* A valid Passport (a minimum validity of Six (6) Months) and previous cancelled passports; if any.

* Applicants if married, should produce the original marriage certificate with a photocopy.

Documents required for business visit
1. A letter from the local company (reasons for entry, period of stay & Japanese company intending to visit).

2. Original business registration of the local company with a photocopy.

3. Company's Bank Statements (Originals) for the past Six (6) Months.

(Fixed deposit Certificates will not be accepted)

4. The latest Original Tax payment receipt of the Company.

5. Original guarantee letter from a Japanese Company with Japanese Company Registration (Original).

Documents required for tourism, to visit relatives or attend seminars etc.
1. Bank Statements (Originals ) for the past Six (6) Months. (Fixed Deposit Certificates will not be accepted).

2. Employment Certificate; if employed. (or other relevant certificates i.e. original business registration certificate if owner or partner of a business). For student applicants a letter from the school Principal

or head of the institution.

3. Document explaining the applicants activities in Japan.

a. If sightseeing; detail itinery of proposed travel plan and a hotel reservation.

b. If visiting relatives; detail information about relatives and proposed plan of visit

* if relative or friend is a Sri Lankan, copy of alien card, alien registration certificate issued from city office in Japan & passport copies, including a copy of a valid visa to stay in Japan.

* if relative or friend is a Japanese, his/her income certificate, resident certificate & employment certificate.

c. Documents relating to tours or tour packages, brochures etc.

d. If attending a meeting, seminar or conference; details of such venue and programme.

e. Confirmation of hotel reservation by Fax only (E-mails will not be accepted)

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