Thursday, December 23, 2010

Large nr of Chinese who Arrived in SL for Projects in Hambantota/NESL & Indians who came for Employment,also Included with 600,000 TOURISTS.!!!

Sri Lankan Tamils who are citizens overseas also included in the 600,000 tourists who visited the country


Although the head of the Tourism Promotions Authority, Presidential relative Nalaka Godahewa has carried out a media campaign saying that 600,000 tourists have so far visited Sri Lanka, Ministry sources say that over 200,000 of these so called visitors are Sri Lankan Tamils who have migrated during the war. These persons who had arrived in the country to visit their relatives and friends after the end of the war have also been included in the list of tourists.

Sources said that while there were close to 400,000 tourists who visited the country during the war, there has been an increase in tourist arrivals following the ends of the war.

The Authority has iincluded the large number of Chinese national who have arrived in the country for projects being carried in Hambantota and the North and East and Indians who have arrived for employment have also been included in the list of tourist arrivals for this year.

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